• Who is TeenStreet affiliated with?

    OM (Operation Mobilisation) is an interdenominational, international mission organisation, dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission in partnership with the local church.

    OM recruits, equips and sends God’s people, in partnership with the church, to share the love of Jesus with the world. OM are involved in church planting, discipling, aid and development, literature distribution and have a ship ministry with the Logos Hope. OM’s 6,100 staff currently work alongside local churches in more than 110 countries around the globe.

    OM is not merely an organisation, it is a movement – a movement of people who want to be disciples of Jesus Christ and take the Great Commission seriously. OM Australia is the national branch of OM International. OM seeks to expand the mission vision of the local church through prayer, training and assisting Christians to get more involved in missions

  • Where is TeenStreet?

    TeenStreet is held at the Gatton campus of the University of Queensland. UQ Gatton is about an hour west of Brisbane, along the Warrego Highway, about half and hour before Toowoomba.
  • How is TeenStreet different from other camps?

    Discipleship – TeenStreet has a specific focus on discipleship of Christian teens. The effectiveness of the ministry is based around small groups (NETgroups), where teens learn to read the scriptures, pray, hear from God and discuss their questions with a strong Christian role model. A pair of coaches is assigned to each group to help mentor and guide them through their spiritual journey.

    Our leadership structure has a high ratio of leaders to teens (1:3), which allows our leaders to focus on investing into their teens life. Our coaches have the pastoral and practical support of their M&M’s (Ministry & Management couples) enabling them to grow and develop as leaders.

    Biblical Foundation – TeenStreet is founded and rooted in biblical teaching, ensuring that as we teach teens to discover the Word of God further, they find a joy and steadfast strength in engaging in the scriptures. A critical and fun part of our day includes memorising and performing of Bible verses – presentations which continue to be remembered long after TeenStreet!

    Prayerful Reliance – At TeenStreet, we understand that apart from Christ “we can do nothing”. In the months leading up to camp, and during camp we ensure that we seek the face of God, relying upon Him to provide all that we need and to transform the lives of those in our care.

    Engaging Content Delivery – Utilizing excellent media content and engaging speakers, teens hear the truth of the Gospel applied to their lives. Our speaking team consists of local and international youth speakers; they have had a remarkable impact on teens lives over their years at TeenStreet.

    Passionate Worship – There is something wonderful about watching some 500 teens and young adults praising and worshipping a living God together. A highlight for many teens is the “Throne Room”, in the evenings which ties together some of the teaching of the day amidst an atmosphere of worship and response to what God is doing in their lives.

    Missional Focus – TeenStreet is a lot of fun, but we also encourage the teens to think outside of themselves. There is an outward expression of missions that is not commonly found in camps of this size and type. TeenStreet (as a ministry of Operation Mobilisation) goes out into the community for our “Hands and Feet” projects engaging people with a BBQ, Skate Park Outreach, Nursing Home Visits, farm visits in the Lockyer Valley area. This is often a highlight for teens and something that we have seen replicated when they get back to their Local Church. We also emphasise cross cultural mission at TeenStreet, which culminates in sending a team of teens and leaders overseas on a short term mission trip each year. In January 2017, our TeenStreet team worked alongside OM Cambodia sharing in churches, trekking and visiting local villages.

  • What is the minimum age for a Teen to attend TeenStreet?

    We are aware that there has been a change in Queensland in regards to those in Year 7 now being in High School. However, TeenStreet has decided to keep TeenStreet for teenagers (staying true to the name) so the minimum age for a Teen at TeenStreet is turning 13 years old that year and over.
  • Do groups need to bring a leader?

    Individuals or groups without leaders are very welcome at TeenStreet.

    Partnering with churches – TeenStreet’s desire is to partner with churches and therefore with a Youth Group as a whole. We do believe that TeenStreet can be more effective where both teens and leaders have a shared experience so they can support each other when back home.

  • How are the teens supported and cared for during the week?

    Small groups – Teens are in ‘NETgroups’ of 6 Teens and 2 coaches. Teens accommodation is in the same area as their Coach. Coaches are responsible for caring for the teens, and take them through two daily NETgroup sessions.

    Pastoral Care – Sometimes there are particular situations that the coach might not be experienced enough to handle, and in these instances there is a Pastoral Care team that the coach is able to call on. The entire week is covered in prayer, with Prayer and Counselling teams available throughout the week.

    Other – A Medical team provides support for teens with any medical concerns, and the Boundaries team ensures that teens and safe and inside their appropriate accommodation throughout the night.

  • How are NETgroups put together?

    NETgroups, our small groups, contain 6 teens and one or two leaders of the same gender. We strive to maintain a balance between having teens who are already comfortable with each other and intentionally mixing youth groups to push them out of their comfort zone. We believe this is the way to get the most out of TeenStreet.

    Each year we prayerfully put NETgroups together and are open to suggestions from youth leaders. If teens would like to be in a group with a friend, they should put this on their registration form under ‘other notes’, and we will attempt to make this possible.

  • Are there any special guest speakers or bands?

    We are trying hard to get away from the culture of attending an event just to hear your favourite people. Everyone involved, whether serving on or off stage, will be encouraged to spend time with the teens, walking life with them and sharing their story of what God has done in them.

    The couple that started TeenStreet in Germany 20 years ago, Dan and Suzie Potter (“Duzie”), are a part of our communications team. They have been involved with teens and training youth leaders for many years.

  • What is Hands & Feet?

    Part of TeenStreet’s vision is to mobilise young people into missions. We want them to have God’s heart for the world but know that this starts at home: sharing with those in our community. Hands and Feet is an afternoon of being Jesus’ hands and feet in the local community.

    Previously we have had teams mowing lawns, painting, sharing in nursing homes and running a community outreach. God worked powerfully in the lives of the teens and those they served.

    One lady reported, “I have never met young people like this before.” She said that it was the best thing to happen to their family and that she never knew there were such nice people out there. Another is now regularly connecting with a school chaplain and is sending her children to a Christian camp as a result of her interactions with the TeenStreet Hands and Feet team.

  • What happens after TeenStreet?

    TeenStreet is an event that challenges & grows those involved and has proven to have a long-term impact.

    The Local Church – Discipleship is most effective when we develop ongoing accountable relationships. We encourage coaches to follow-up with teens through phone calls, reunions and social media. However, this is not always a practical possibility; the local church is vital in helping teen’s ‘re-enter’ life after the high of TeenStreet.



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