TeenStreet 2020

Have you been wondering about TeenStreet 2020?

We sure have! We’ve also been talking together, listening to professional advice, and above all, praying and seeking God’s heart for TS this year.

And the answer is yes, TeenStreet 2020 will go ahead – but not as we know it.

We’ve always said that TeenStreet is not about us or about making a great name for a camp. It’s always been about Jesus and the life-changing impact of meeting and serving Him!

And we really believe Jesus wants to continue impacting the lives of Teens and Leaders, now more than ever. We’re all on a journey of faith – including TS as a movement. We want to hear what God is doing and follow His leading.

You’re an important part of this movement and so we’re inviting you on this journey!

What will TS20 look like?

As you are no doubt aware, the immediate future of large scale events like TeenStreet is uncertain at best and it’s impossible to know what rules will be in place in the lead up to July, when TS is due to take place.

So no, TeenStreet won’t be held in one central location this year. We’re committed to protecting your health and the health of your loved ones, as well as following the advice of medical professionals and the government.

But rather than dropping our heads and getting discouraged, we’re actually excited about the new opportunities in front of us! We still have over 3 months until TS, which means we have plenty of time to come up with a viable and creative alternative to a mass gathering at UQ Gatton.

Please pray with us!

We have a creative God who isn’t surprised by all that is going on at the moment. We believe He has an awesome plan for TS20, and while it won’t look like what we’ve done in the past, God has creative and exciting ideas to give to us! So please pray as we explore all that He has for TS20.

Whether you’re a teen, a leader, a parent or a church leader, we’re confident that God has a role for you in His plan, as we look to lift up the name of Jesus in a greater way than ever before.

We’re so aware that TeenStreet is a life-changing time for many, and a week you look forward to every year. We also acknowledge that change and doing things differently may be disappointing for some.

But please know that TS is not going anywhere! We’re still planning, preparing and praying for an event where you can learn, grow, interact, serve and experience the transformational power of Jesus.

Thank you so much for hearing us out! These are challenging times, but as a team, we sense an excitement that the shape of TS20 may actually lead us into an incredible new season where we can impact many more teens throughout Australia – and even the world!

Stay tuned! We promise to keep you updated. And please pray! You’re a vital part of this journey of discovering God’s heart and plans for TeenStreet 2020.

We love you and can’t wait to see what God has in store!

The TS Team

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