TS20 Pricing


Turning 13 → Finishing Grade 12 in 2020

After EARLY BIRD → $325


Children of Leaders must be registered!
Up to turning 5 in 2020 → Free
Aged 5 → 12

After EARLY BIRD → $70


Gappers, Coaches, M&M's, Service Team

After EARLY BIRD → $300

Includes TS20 Leaders Tee

EARLY BIRD → Register & pay in full by April 30
ALL Registration Closes → JUNE 7

We are aware that the sleeping arrangements at TeenStreet can vary considerably, and yet the price remains the same for all. While there is a difference in arrangements, we trust that the overall experience of TeenStreet will still be as life changing for all involved.

Please allow us to give a brief explanation for these differences.

Over the 10 years of TeenStreet, we have seen great growth which we are thankful for. There are a very limited number of venue options that can cater for an event like this, while still maintaining an affordable price.
The price paid for a Teen, Leader and Child to attend TeenStreet is already heavily subsidised. It actually costs $401 for each person to attend TeenStreet (this includes young children). We have always strived to keep the cost as low as possible, so that as many people as possible can attend. This means each year, we cover the gap with fundraising. This year, we need to raise $55,000 so that we can keep the costs down.
We understand that those who sleep in the gym don’t receive the same level of comfort as those who sleep in the university dorms, but we have reduced the price to attend TeenStreet to the lowest possible levelHowever, we will strive to make all the accomodation as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible and are looking at ways to minimise the number who will sleep in the gym. If other accomodation becomes available on site, we may not even need to use the gym facility for accomodation. 
We thank God that so many Teens and Leaders come back every year to TeenStreet. We really appreciate your understanding that not all the accomodation options are equal, but that ultimately our heart and prayer is to provide Teens with a life-changing encounter with the living God! 
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