1. Sponsor a Teen

    We don't want any Teen to miss out on a potentially life-changing time at TeenStreet! But unfortunately some families are unable to send their Teens because they simply cannot afford it. We would love to see 40 teens sponsored this year. You can ensure a Teen gets the incredible opportunity to attend TS2018 by sponsoring $300!
    $400 donated of $8,000 goal

  1. Transport for regional teens

    For many Teens, the bus trip is their first chance to mix with fellow TeenStreeters! We have many Teens coming from regional areas, and bussing them in isn't cheap! This extra expense is a vital part of ensuring ANY Teen can have the opportunity to attend TS2018!
    $10 donated of $6,000 goal

  1. Leadership Development

    We are passionate about raising up a generation of young leaders who will take the Gospel back into their world and beyond! This involves equipping and resourcing young leaders through training seminars and resource material. This is an opportunity for you to invest in the next generation of leaders!
    $0 donated of $10,000 goal

  1. Missions experience/exposure

    Missions is the heart-beat of TeenStreet! We want to give every Teen the opportunity to experience missions for themselves - whether it's serving locally or internationally. Funds raised will go towards developing our mission-focused activities like Hands & Feet, Mission Possible, & the annual TeenStreet missions trip!
    $0 donated of $6,000 goal

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