Service Team

The Service Team consists of amazing people who work together to help make TeenStreet possible.  This includes the organisers who coordinate the logistics of TeenStreet, the presenters who put together the programme, and the people whose job it is to ensure that everyone remains well fed, comfortable and safe throughout the week.

A Service Team Leader is responsible for a particular area of service during the camp – this could be in the Boundaries Team (security), the Worship team, the Missions Hub, the Counselling Team Leader or the Art Zone, for example.

TeenStreet will have a designated Service Team leader who will be responsible for the oversight of all service team members. They will lead the Service Team devotions and be the point person for communication with the TeenStreet Leadership team.

There will be one M&M couple for every eight to ten Coaches.  This couple will take on the role of supporting, ministering and managing their group of Coaches.  They will meet daily with Coaches and will also be available to supervise or counsel teenagers who are under their Coaches’ care.  The role of M&M requires a good degree of initiative as often the role can be fairly undefined outside of set meeting times with Coaches.

Date:  Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016
Service Team - TeenStreet Australia