The M&M role is to serve, support and invest in the Coaches.  Coaching can be an intense experience and M&Ms can play a valuable role in providing a listening ear and encouragement.  They also help with the management of TeenStreet.  M&M couples are made up of a male and a female (usually a married couple), who can work together with the team of Coaches under their care.  They are generally mature adults who are a good judge of character and situations, and are capable in the area of pastoral care.

There will be one M&M couple for every eight to ten Coaches.  This couple will take on the role of supporting, ministering and managing their group of Coaches.  They will meet daily with Coaches and will also be available to supervise or counsel teenagers who are under their Coaches’ care.  The role of M&M requires a good degree of initiative as often the role can be fairly undefined outside of set meeting times with Coaches.

Date:  Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016
M&M - TeenStreet Australia