What is TeenStreet?

TeenStreet, a ministry of Operation Mobilisation, is a 5-day discipleship camp for Christian teens. Having heard testimonies of the way God has used camp ministry as a means to turn a teen’s life around, we want to use this avenue to see young people passionately pursue God and all He has for them in Jesus Christ.

We believe camp ministry, in partnership with the local church, is an effective way to reach and equip this generation to live wholeheartedly for Jesus. We want to participate with the church by providing gospel centred discipleship for young people and mobilising them for missions. TeenStreet is more than just a camp experience, it is raising a generation of young people who know Jesus and are equipped to share His love with the world.

Our Early Years

Our History

TeenStreet originated in Europe in 1993 (read the full history at www.teenstreet.org). Sharing the same vision to work with teens in Australia, the first TeenStreet camp in Queensland was held in 2010 with 106 people from Brisbane, Toowoomba, Tenterfield, Kingaroy, Withcott, and even as far as Sydney!

Teens descended upon the cold city of Warwick (it usually is in July!) and focused on God’s “Wild Kingdom!” Lives were being changed and by the end of the week leaders could sense that God had done a special work. Teens loved meeting with God, being challenged by His word, and connecting with leaders and peers who wanted to grow in their relationship with God.

Since 2009, new aspects of TeenStreet have been added to our ministry:

  • Hands and Feet (outreach day into the local community)
  • Passion with a Purpose (connecting with leaders who share a similar passion)
  • TeenStreet Missions (introducing and encouraging teens to serve and share their faith around the world. Our first missions trip to Nepal transpired in 2011)

As we look to expand TeenStreet into the future, we are excited to see what God will do in even more young people’s lives as they encounter Jesus and look to share Him in their world.

“It’s an amazing week centred on God in a way that’s engaging and relatable for teens, but impacts anyone who goes with an open heart.”

“You have changed my life and now I’m ready to help change other lives!”

“One of the most amazing weeks of my life. Cannot recommend it enough for anyone who is a believer or contemplating the truth of the faith.”

“In one week, my entire outlook and focus in life changed in a way I didn’t even know it needed to.”

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