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TeenStreet is a 4-day event for Christian teens that will challenge you to live fully alive in your faith. You’ll be discipled through Biblical truth, inspired into missional action and make life-long connections.

Registration extended for 1 week! Now closing Monday June 21.

Please note: Accomodation is not provided at Hubs. Parents need to drop off and pick up teens each day.

TeenStreet 2021

Wed 7 - Sat 10 July

Yes, we're back

for 2021!

We won’t be heading to Gatton for the usual mass gathering, but you’ll still get to hang out with other teens and leaders at a Hub or online!

This year, you'll have 2 options for attending:

TeenStreet Hub

Get together with others at a TeenStreet Hub. Sizes will vary from a single youth group meeting in their church, to multiple churches joining their youth groups together.
  • On-Site or Online Interact Sessions
  • Online Equip Seminars
  • In-person NET Groups
  • On-Site or Live-Streamed Worship
  • Live-Streamed Teaching Sessions

*Price varies as some Hubs include catering

Please note: Accomodation is not provided at Hubs. Parents need to drop off and pick up teens each day.

TeenStreet Online

If you can't make it to a Hub, you'll still be able to join in with TeenStreet 2021 from home by logging in online using the TeenStreet Connect App.
$ 70
  • Online Interact Sessions
  • Online Equip Seminars
  • Online NET Groups
  • Live-Streamed Worship
  • Live-Streamed Teaching Sessions


We reckon the next best thing to one mass gathering is HUBS!

Hit up a Hub near you and enjoy TS with other teens and leaders.




This year

we're hitting the road!

Main Session will be LIVE in a different Hub each night!

If you’re in one of these hubs, you’ll get to experience the Main Teaching Session live at your venue. We can’t wait to see you there! 

Night 1

North Brisbane Hub

Night 1
Night 2

South Brisbane Hub

Night 2
Night 3

Lockyer Valley Hub

Night 3
Night 4

Toowoomba Hub

Night 4

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TS 2021 Hoodies!

"Thank you for a life changing week for my children. May God bless you for the huge impact you have had."


We want to see you

Inspired. Equipped. Connected.

We are a global movement of young Jesus followers
who know Jesus and are equipped to share His love with the world.

We are part

of a Global Movement

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USA & Canada

TeenStreet in South America

Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico

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“You have changed my life and now I’m ready to help change other lives!”

“I came as an atheist, but leave as a follower of Jesus!”

“So incredible. Life changing.”